Water Softeners for your home

Save money, clean less and benefit from soft skin with one of our water softeners.

Benefits of Treated Water

  • The cleanest shower or bath you’ve ever taken
  • No soap or shampoo residue on skin
  • Softer, brighter laundry
  • Less scale build-up inside pipes, appliances and fixtures

The Kinetico System

Whether you are buying a new bathroom or kitchen or are just simply fed up of the continual cleaning and scrubbing as a result of living with hard water, there has never been a better time to install a water softener.

Living in a hard water area can damage your home! From the obvious scale build-up on shower screens, granite worktops, sinks and taps through to the invisible long-term and costly damage to washing machines, plumbing systems and pipe-work.

Spend less on cleaning products, use up to 75% less toiletries and detergents and save up to 25% on energy bills thanks to more efficient household appliances.